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OPARTICA - uses the free Shockwave Plugin to display its optical art. The file is 250K and runs very smoothly on a 1 GHZ machine. For lesser processors you can reduce the quality to medium by right clicking on Opartica while it is running. We have also provided links to smaller versions although the download time is no different. There is a full browser version that stretches with your browser and a zip file that lets you use Opartica from your own computer.

OPARTICA 800x600
OPARTICA 400x300
OPARTICA 200x150

The downloadable swf file is important if you want to project Opartica because there is a full screen setting that shows nothing but Opartica. You can combine this with the hide-interface feature of Opartica to get a clean projection.

If you see flashing colors on the right then you need to upgrade your Flash to version 5 or higher. Remember on the smaller ones, you can zoom in to see controls. Have fun!

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